Hi, I’m Matt Nicholson – I’m a poet, writer and performer from East Yorkshire (near to the poetic hotspot of Hull)

I began writing as a kid, that kind of who am I and what’s it all about? stuff that a lot of people need as they begin to find their place in the world. I only really began to write with any purpose though when I found myself out of work when I was around 40…I have a heart condition and hated the work I had been doing, so I was seeking something new. I was lucky enough to do a creative writing course with The Open University and haven’t really stopped since then.

My first book – There and back to see how far it is – was published by The Kings England Press in 2016 as part of their Humber Sound series, soon to be followed by a second, also on Kings England called We are not all blessed with a hat-shaped head. My third book, Small Havocs was published by Yaffle Press in 2020 just as lockdown became a thing…and all three books are available by clicking on the Stuff to buy link at the top of this page.

I get a real buzz out of writing poetry, but especially from performing my work live, be it at poetry nights, festivals or anywhere else that’ll let me!…when more live events begin to return to the calendar, I will share them on here, but for now I will link to online events on the gigs/news page.

My new film, also called Small Havocs and made by Dave Lee will be released soon…watch for details