• Added a couple more videos to the site this morning – both excerpts from the film of Small Havocs, filmed by Dave Lee. Gonna circulate them a bit on social media if I can only work out “New Facebook” and fathom the purpose of the latest features of Instagram…

  • I will be performing at Wordpsace in Leeds via Zoom on Thursday 3rd September at 7.30pm. Facebook event – really looking forward to this, doing about 20 minutes and will be mixing up all 3 collections, but mainly doing poems from Small Havocs. Sign up via Facebook.

  • I have been making a film of Small Havocs with the incomparable Dave Lee – excerpts from the film are on my Videos page on this site so have a look…the full film will hopefully be available very soon, maybe at a festival or via a screening before it finds its way onto YouTube etc…really excited about this project, those who’ve seen it so far have been really positive 🙂

  • As you will have seen by the simple fact that you’re reading this, I have finally launched my website and I hope to build on this going forward. I will add more info and features as and when I work out how it all works…cheers x